Passionate team.

Nathalie Brodard
Founder and CEO

Making a positive impact is what motivated me to start this business. When skilled professionals are brought into the right situation — where their talents and personality match the opportunity — then business success always follows.

Gilles Brodard
Managing Director

Listening, understanding and identifying people and opportunities will lead to a successful placement. Being able to reach a high level of trust with both our clients and candidates is very rewarding.

Anne-Claire Bovat
Senior Consultant

I’m passionate about recruitment. When you find the right match on both sides, it’s very rewarding. The firm is gaining an employee with the right profile and the candidate is stepping into an environment that offers the right professional opportunities.

Zahia Bour
Senior Consultant

The heart of a successful recruitment lies in positioning the right candidate in the right environment. For me, it is therefore essential to understand the profound aspirations of the people we meet on both the client and candidate sides.

Mathias Vander Linden
Junior Talent Sourcing Specialist Geneva / Zurich

When a client contact us for a new mission, it’s a challenge for us to find the perfect candidate. Up to us to fill this mission, bringing to the candidate and the client, the necessary elements for a perfect match!